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Isaiah Thomas plans on revealing his "one-foot three-pointer" this season

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NBA players will try a lot of things to get ahead of the competition. In the past this has led to innovations like dunks, crossovers, alley oops and a host of other moves.

Isaiah Thomas is trying to get ahead of everyone's curve by unleashing his one-footed three pointer this year, according to a recent interview with Basketball Insiders' Alex Kennedy.

I've also been working on my mid-range game, and I have a one-foot three-pointer that I'm going to show off this season. I'm just trying to add different things to my game and become an even more complete player.

And I know the first time I do it, you guys are going to be like, 'What the hell is he is doing?' But I definitely worked on it. I've been working on that all summer. I've just been trying to figure out ways to continue to get better and continue to be the best player I can possibly be.

In the minimal, recent history of the one-footed long ball we have two examples to look at. Hopefully Thomas' shot will end up going more like Stephen Curry's...

...than like that of Klay Thompson:

Either way, it's a pretty ugly shot. Call me old-fashioned, but I always felt good about the two-footed 3's.

What do you all think? Is this of any value to the C's?