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CelticsBlog Trivia: The overlooked 1970's Celtics

Don't forget about these great teams.

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If one wishes to try the harder All-Star edition of the quiz, try to answer the questions without looking at the multiple choice offerings.

Backdoor layup-What rival team did the Celtics face in the Eastern Conference finals three years in a row from 1972-74?*what Celtic was the 1971 NBA Co-Rookie of the Year award winner, and whom did he share it with
A) Philadelpia 76ers B) New York Knicks

Dunk-Which club did the Celtics defeat in seven games in the epic 1974 NBA Finals?*for a three-point play, how many games did the road team win in the 1974 Finals
A) Milwaukee Bucks B) Phoenix Suns

Short jump hook-Which Celtic Hall of Famer was named MVP of the 1973 All-Star Game and the 1972-73 regular season?*for an extra point, name the Celtic who was voted the 1974 Finals MVP
A) John Havlicek B) Dave Cowens C) JoJo White

Free throw-What little-used reserve sank three huge baskets in the third overtime of game 6 in the 1976 Finals to help Boston to a 128-126 victory?
A) Kevin Stacom B) Glenn McDonald C) Steve Kuberski

Free throw-Which Celtic Hall of Famer was named MVP of the 1976 Finals?
A) John Havlicek B) Dave Cowens C) JoJo White

Jump shot-Which Celtic of the 1970s is the only man to be involved in both NBA Finals triple overtime games as a player or coach?*for an extra point, what original piece of strategy did he come up with that helped force a third OT
A) Paul Silas B) Don Nelson C) Paul Westphal
D) John Havlicek

Jump shot-Whose leaning bank shot just before the second OT buzzer appeared to give Boston a 111-110 triumph in the epic game six triple OT battle in 1976? *name the Sun who sank the tying 22-footer at the buzzer on the ensuing play
A) JoJo White B) John Havlicek C) Dave Cowens
D) Don Nelson

Hook shot-Which Celtic broke open a tight, title-clinching game 6 win in the 1976 Finals with nine points down the stretch, including a steal and driving three-point play despite playing with five fouls? *for a three-point play, name the Cleveland standout who missed their conference final battle with Boston due to a foot injury
A) Dave Cowens B) John Havlicek C) JoJo White D) Charlie Scott

Jump shot-Which Celtic canned a baseline jumper at the buzzer to nip the 76ers 113-111 in game 1 of their seven-game battle in the 1977 east semifinals?*for an extra point what team did the defending champion Celtics beat 2-0 in the 1977 1st round mini-series
A) JoJo White B) John Havlicek C) Dave Cowens
D) Charlie Scott

3-pointer-Which Celtic great became the first player EVER to lead his team in points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocked shots in the same season?
A) John Havlicek B) Dave Cowens C) Bill Russell
D) Cedric Maxwell E) Larry Bird

3-pointer-Which Knick's bruising but clean blind screen injured the right shoulder of Celtic superstar John Havlicek in game 3 of the 1973 Eastern Finals, leading to a 4-3 series upset loss for Boston?*for a four-point play, how many games did the Celtics win that regular season to set a franchise record
A) Willis Reed B) Dave DeBusschere C) Jerry Lucas
D) Phil Jackson E) Bill Bradley

30 points is the highest possible score; extra points only apply if the correct answer is given first.


Answers to Russell vs. Chamberlain Quiz

Finger roll layin-B) Former Celtic center Mel Counts replaced the injured Chamberlain late in game seven of the 1969 Finals and almost helped the Lakers rally past Boston before falling 108-106 as Wilt watched from the bench.

Dunk-True or false: B) False. The 1967 Celtics had their streak of eight straight NBA titles ended in five games by Wilt's 76ers in the East finals. But that was the only time Wilt ever defeated Russell in a series.

Free throw-B) Russell and the Celtics defeated Twin Towers Wilt and Nate Thurmond when they beat the Warriors in the 1964 Finals. Meschery was a forward on that Warrior team, but not a Hall of Famer.

FT-Wilt pulled down a record 23,924 rebounds (22.9 per game) compared to 21,620 boards by second-place board man Russell (22.5 per game).

Jump shot-B) Because they spent most of their carers in the same division, Russell and Chamberlain faced off in the NBA Finals only twice, in 1964 and 1969, with Bill's team winning each time.
*Russ and Sam Jones each retired after nipping LA 108-106 in the seventh game of the 1969 Finals.

Jump shot-B) In their dramatic (and last) game seven showdown at LA in the 1969 Finals, both Wilt and Russ were playing with five fouls in the final period when Chamberlain took himself out of the game with a sprained knee suffered when he landed awkwardly after grabbing a defensive rebound.
*Laker coach Butch van Breda Kolff, the former Princeton mentor, refused to put Wilt back in the game in the final minutes despite pleas from Chamberlain.

Hook shot-D) Wilt never dated Russell's wife before they were married.
*Wilt's middle name was Norman, and Russell's is Felton.

Jump shot-D) In the final seconds of game 7 in the 1965 Eastern Finals with Boston ahead by a point, John Havlicek intercepted the in-bounds pass intended for Chet Walker to preserve the 110-109 victory.
*Hal Greer threw the ill-fated pass. The 76ers were afraid to pass in to Wilt, who was a bad foul shooter and was closely guarded by Russell inside.

3-pointer-C) Russell was not much better from the foul line than Wilt, hitting on just 56.1% of his career charity stripe tries. In the playoffs, Russell lifted his foul line accuracy to 60.3 percent.

3-pointer-In the era before the Fosbury flop style was invented, Wilt and Russ were both ranked in the top 10 in the high jump.
*Russell won five MVP season awards to four by Wilt. Russell was named first team All-NBA three times and second team eight times. Wilt was named first team six times, second team thrice.

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