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On the Celtics: "they have every team's 7th best player"

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The Celtics have an off day today so let's help out some of the uninformed out there why we love this team so much. Tweet Chris Towers of at @CTowersCBS.

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Sound off in the comments, Celtics fans.

He makes some valid points. Sure, a Kevin Durant or LeBron James could really make this roster sing (duh), but the numbers don't lie: even without a bona fide star, the Celtics were the second best team in the Eastern Conference last season after the All Star break and I'd say they made dramatic improvements to a roster that returned nine players from that team.  There's this pervasive hang up that if a player isn't an All Star, then he isn't a star, but the Atlanta Hawks proved last year that winning makes stars, not necessarily just numbers.