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Vegas puts Celtics over/under at 42.5 wins

For recreational (and argumentative) purposes only.

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The folks in that quaint little town called Las Vegas sure like to predict things.  For example, they predicted that the Celtics will win 42.5 games this year.  Winning half a game seems difficult, but we'll let them have their fun.  Oh, you mean people wager money on these sorts of things?  Interesting concept.

Personally I like my money too much to give it all away to other people.  But that's just me.

Anyhoo, here's what blogger, podcaster, and twitter personality Matt Moore said about the over/under for the Celtics.

Vegas sportsbook: Warriors, Spurs lead NBA win total over/unders -

Boston Celtics (42.5): This effectively slots them into a tie with Indiana for the 8th seed in the East. If you buy into their progress last season in the second half of the year as sustainable, this is an easy over. I like the under because there are a lot of ways for this team to go sideways, and it's overall still a young team. It's mostly a stay away, however.

Go ahead and call me a homer if you like, but I'm gonna take the over on this one.  Yes, the 2nd half of last year could have been a bit of a fluke and the team could regress to some kind of mean that is at or around 42.5 wins.  But I'm betting that Brad Stevens and his plucky group of overachievers ...well, overachieves.  But again, that's just me.

What say you?

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