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CelticsBlog Trivia: Larry Bird vs. Magic Johnson quiz

Friends and rivals.

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If one wishes to try the harder All-Star edition of the quiz, try to answer the questions without looking at the multiple choice offerings.

Layup-What was the first squad that arch-rivals Larry Bird and Earvin Johnson were teammates on?*name the coach of that team for a three-point play
A) 1978 U.S. World Games team B) 1992 U.S. Olympic Dream Team

Dunk-Who was named NBA Rookie of the Year and College Player of the Year in their rookie and final college seasons?*for a three-point play, name the top-seeded club Michigan State knocked off to win the Mideast region crown
A) Earvin Johnson B) Larry Bird

Lefty layup-True or false: Bird's 1978-79 Indiana State team is the last club to reach the NCAA championship game with an unbeaten record.*what was the final Sycamore record
A) True B) False

Short jump hook-Which blunt Celtic forward nicknamed Johnson "Cheesy" for what he perceived as his fake smile?
A) Larry Bird B) Cedric Maxwell

Free throw-What team prevented a dream LA/Boston, Johnson vs. Bird NBA title showdown by knocking off the Celtics in the 1980 and 1982 Eastern Finals?
A) Detroit B) Philadelphia C) Milwaukee

Free throw-What was their record when Bird and Johnson faced off four times in the NBA and NCAA championship round?
A) 2-2 B) Bird 3, Johnson 1 C) Johnson 3, Bird 1

Free throw-Which Western Conference team lost to Bird and Boston in the 1981 and 1986 Finals after upsetting the Lakers?
A) San Antonio B) Phoenix C) Houston

Jump shot-Which two Celtics stuffed Johnson on a drive in the final minute of game 7 in the epic 1984 NBA Finals to help preserve a Boston lead and clinch the title?
*for an extra point, who hit four free throws in the final minute of that seventh game to seal the crown
A) Bird/Kevin McHale B) McHale/Robert Parish C) Bird/Parish D) Parish/Dennis Johnson

Hook shot-How many of his 20 field goal attempts did a red-hot Larry Bird make in the infamous game 5 sauna contest vs. LA in the 1984 Finals at the Boston Garden?
*for an extra point, what was the aggregate record in the 19 NBA Finals games between Bird's Celtics and the Johnson Laker clubs during their epic trilogy of title showdowns in the mid-1980's
A) 13 B) 14 C) 15 D) 16

Jump shot-What upstart team did Johnson's Michigan State squad crush in the 1979 Final 4 semis, while Indiana State narrowly beat what talented top five club in its semifinal?*name the city the 1979 Final 4 was held at for an extra point
A) Penn/Notre Dame B) Iowa/Arkansas C) Princeton/UCLA
D) Penn/DePaul

Jump shot-What of the following teams did NOT win a share of the 1979 Big 10 men's basketball title?
*including All-Star Games, how many times did Bird's squads beat Johnson in their 47 college and pro meetings for an extra point
A) Indiana B) Iowa C) Purdue D) Michigan State

3-pointer-Which of the following Laker standouts/Celtic nemeses of the 1980's was NOT an overall number one NBA draft pick?*name the highest Celtic draft pick from the 1980's
A) Earvin Johnson B) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar C) James Worthy D) Bob McAdoo E) Mychal Thompson

3-pointer-What type of shot did Bird can over Johnson, who picked Larry up on a switch, to become the eventual winning shot of overtime in game 4 of the 1984 Finals?*name the Laker who missed two foul shots on the previous play with the score tied
A) Three-pointer B) Left-handed runner
C) Turnaround fadeaway D) Hook shot
E) Post-up reverse layin

35 points is the highest possible score; extra points only apply if the correct answer is given first.


Layup-A) St. Louis Hawks. Boston beat the Hawks in seven close games, including a 125-123 double OT game 7, to win its first NBA title in 1957.
*Tom Heinsohn, not Bill Russell, was named the 1957 NBA Rookie of the Year. Russell missed a big chunk of the season playing for Team USA in the 1956 Olympics in Australia.

Dunk-B) St. Louis great Bob Pettit scored a whopping 50 points, including 19 of his team's last 21, to pace the Hawks to a thrilling 110-109 win over Boston in game of the 1958 Finals to clinch the only title in Hawk franchise history.
*Bill Russell was hampered by a sprained ankle in the finale.

Short jump hook-B) The Celtics won an amazing eight straight NBA titles from 1959 through 1966 to set a North American team professional sports record.

Free throw-A) Alex Hannum was the only coach to lead a team that beat the Celtics between 1957 and 1969 in the playoffs, in 1958 and again in 1967.

Free throw-A) The Flashy Frog

Jump shot-B) The Tri-Cities Blackhawks held the original draft rights to Bob Cousy, and then transferred them to Chicgo Stags, who promptly folded in 1950. The Cooz went into the dispersal draft where Red Auerbach did not want him, asking cynically if he was "supposed to win or worry about the local yokels."
Sharpshooter *Max Zaslofsky was considered the prize of the dispersal draft and went first to the Knicks, with Andy Phillip second to Philly and Cousy the supposed booby prize to Boston.

Jump shot-B) Bill Sharman was a Dodger farmhand and September call-up on the Brooklyn bench when Bobby Thomson hit his walk-off shot heard 'round the world home run for the Giants to beat the Dodgers in the third and decisive 1951 National League playoff game.
Sharman was a star on the USC national title college baseball team, and spent several seasons in the minors. He also was an accomplished boxer and tennis player.
*Celtic 6-7 reserve forward Gene Conley is the only man to win a World Series (Milwaukee Braves 1958 as a pitcher) and an NBA title as a player (with the Celtics in 1959-61).

Hook shot-C) The Philadelphia 76ers, led by Wilt Chamberlain and coached by Alex Hannum, finally ended the Celtic run of consecutive championships in 1967, 4-1 in the East finals. Hannum also coached the 1958 Hawks to the title over Boston.

Jump shot-B) Alex Hannum coached the San Francisco Warriors, recently transplanted from Philadelphia, to the 1964 NBA Finals vs. Boston, only to lose 4-1.
Five years later, Hannum coached Rick Barry and the *Oakland Oaks across the bay to the 1969 ABA title. Entertainer Pat Boone, a basketball enthusiast, was one of the Oak co-owners.

Jump shot-C) Underrated Celtic "Mr. Clutch" Sam Jones averaged 27 points per game as his team went 9-0 in seventh games during Boston's dynastic run.

3-pointer-D) Auerbach coached Washington from 1946-50 and Bill Sharman played one season with the Capitols before coming to Boston the rest of his career. Red actually led the Caps to the best record in the NBA at 49-11 in the 1946-47 season, but lost in the playoffs to the Chicago Stags. The Caps won 17 in a row that year, a record that stood 22 seasons until the Knicks broke it in 1969.

3-pointer-B) Relatively unheralded Celtic guard Em Bryant scored 20 key points to help Boston upset the Lakers in the dramatic game seven of the 1969 Finals, capping off their unprecedented run of 11 titles in 13 seasons.
Another unsung Celtic, two-time NBA free throw champ *Larry Siegfried, capped the Celtic dynasty with clutch foul shooting. Siegfried was a college teammate of John Havlicek at Ohio State, and Hondo's best friend on the Celtics.

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