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Isaiah Thomas and Celtics eager to get season started

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David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

At a recent event, Isaiah Thomas shared some of this thoughts and feelings on the season coming up.

Notebook: Refreshed Celtics eager to start again - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN

"I can’t wait, man. It’s an exciting time of the year," said Thomas. "I’m ready for the season to start. I’m ready for us to get together as a team and just bond, and just put it all out there on the court."

His goals for the new season? "Just to build on what we did last year," said Thomas. "For the most part, make the playoffs and then just go from there. We’ve got a really talented team. Especially in the East, we can make some noise. I feel like if it all comes together, we play for each other and like playing with each other, that’s gonna be the easy part."

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I think I can speak for most Celtics fans by saying that we share Isaiah's sentiments. I can't wait for the season to get started.

The Celtics first preseason game is October 6th.