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Open topic Tuesday: Which Celtics would make good football players?

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American football that is.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Just for fun, here's a topic to generate some responses and hopefully a fun conversation or two.

Football season is starting up so I'll play upon that to kill time while we wait for basketball to begin.  If the current Celtics team was playing football, which positions would each one excel at?  What would be your starting units?  Who would be better on offense, defense, or special teams?

Would Isaiah Thomas be a good scrambling QB or is he a better 3rd down running back (he can't even start in football!). I get the feeling Marcus Smart could play just about anywhere on the field.  Avery Bradley might be a good cornerback or safety.

What about some of the all-time Celtics?  I could see Dennis Johnson as a fullback and Larry Legend as a quarterback. Maybe McHale could be a tight end.

Feel free to share your thoughts below.  The more creative the better!