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NBA trade idea: Get Brook Lopez, help Brooklyn tank

Because chaos is fun.

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The Brooklyn Nets have parted ways with their coach and GM.  The owner is preaching that the team will look to be contenders next year but they have a very limited set of moves at their disposal to achieve such a lofty goal.  It is at least worth making a phone call to see if the Nets would like to move some of their assets for draft considerations.

Enter this idea (which has been bounced around the Internet for months in various forms):

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Celtics send David Lee, Jonas Jarebko and Dallas’ 2016 first round pick to Brooklyn for Brook Lopez

They need to hit the reset button. Hard. Brook Lopez has long been buried in Brooklyn. He’s a fine shot maker and stretch five and needs to be somewhere where he’ll be used appropriately. Enter the Boston Celtics, who want to stretch the floor and make shots. The Celtics have some great role players, but they are missing a star. Lopez has star ability, and the Celtics have the assets to get him. President Brad Stevens would be able to get the most out of Lopez, who would become an elbow controlling, mid-range shooting major key in Boston’s fun and gun offense.

The motivation is two-fold for the Celtics.  1) Get a scoring big man at a bargain price and 2) make the Nets pick better by eliminating one of their better players.

The Nets would at least get a draft pick and free up some cap space (perhaps Prokhorov believes that he can buy a few free agents this summer).

The risk for Boston is obviously tied to Brook's health, but I think you take that risk if you have the opportunity to add his scoring to the lineup.  The cost is the first rounder, but it is top end protected anyway, so it won't be helping the Nets become contenders next year.

I was skeptical of this idea a few months ago, but Lopez has played well this year and stayed on the court, so I'm warming to it, at least conceptually.  Thoughts?

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