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Jae Crowder puts an exclamation point on his 10 point run

If you didn't know he was hot late in the second, this ridiculous fade-away reminded everybody.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

This run was so Jae Crowder.

With the Celtics up just 43-42 after Jordan Hill jumpshot, "99 Problems" took it into his own hands to propel the team towards halftime.

Hitting a three off a pass from Avery Bradley before responding to an Ian Mahinmi hook shot with lay-up of his own the other way, Crowder came off a George Hill miss with another three-pointer.

It was an 8 point charge led by the C's heart and soul to make it 51-44 and just in case you didn't realize the impact his energy was having late in the quarter, he decided to hit a circus jump-shot.

Crowder would ultimately go into the locker room with his team up 57-49 thanks in large part to his 8-9 shooting and 19 points.

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