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VIDEO: Four steals lead to four runaway lay-ups in 1:35 to seal a win for the Celtics

The going was getting tough down three. Then the Celtics did what they do better than anybody in the NBA. Force turnovers.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Any time the Celtics break off into a string of success in a game, you look up from Twitter (or whatever you're doing down there) and realize that it's Jae Crowder leading the way.

Trailing by three, Boston looked like they were going to have to play the foul game again and pray that they don't lose their sixth game in seven since 2016 began. But Crowder was having none of that.

A tipped pass was rolling towards the back-court with 2:37 to go and he was right there, beating Bradley to the ball ahead of Indiana's whole team, then slamming it through the cylinder with authority.

Amir Johnson took his cue about 50 seconds later, undercutting his man like a regular Malcolm Butler in February and sprinting ahead of the defense for a dunk of his own to cut the lead to one again.

As if that wasn't enough, Monta Ellis walked the ball up in the aftermath and right after he dumped it to Ian Mahinmi he watched as his center literally threw the game away to Marcus Smart, who recorded Boston's third straight steal and gave them swipe away with a lead 95-94.

After another Boston stop, Smart somehow had his in-bounds pass stolen by Paul George standing in front of him. The Pacers had a chance to rip the game back from Boston, but there was Crowder slapping the ball from Indiana's star right after he walked past half-court.

With 58 seconds left the fourth steal was the key to victory, Crowder's 25th point (tying a career high), and may have just changed the course of the 2016 side of the season that was sinking fast.

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