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WATCH: Kelly Olynyk drops 13 straight points on Phoenix in the 2nd quarter

When the fire was doused out by the clock hitting 0:00, the Celtics were up 21 and in position to run away with a win.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

We've seen what Kelly Olynyk is capable of in the past, but this was extra special. He was was practically shooting ducks out of the air against the Suns' defense once he caught some fire in the 2nd quarter and the crowd went into a frenzy for it.

Starting off unleashing three straight shots from deep off stops in a matter of two minutes, he followed it up with an aggressive drive to the basket before capping his run off with a fancy reverse lay-up out of the timeout.

When all was said and done, the Celtics were up 21 at the half following a 16-2 run that he energized. You may not be able to count on this from Kelly every night, but when he starts to feel confidence in his shot it's a sight to see.

Watch the run in all its glory:

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