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Should the Celtics trade for Gordon Hayward?

Reunite Brad with his former pupil?

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The next on our list of "should the Celtics trade for...?" is Brad Stevens' former Butler player Gordon Hayward.

The rationale is pretty obvious.  There's a connection between the coach and player and Hayward could provide some next level scoring for the Celtics.

The only reason the Jazz might be willing to discuss parting ways with him is because they'll have a lot of young guys looking to get pay increases in the next few years (something the Celtics are somewhat insulated by due to the bargain contracts on guys like Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, and Avery Bradley).

Zach Lowe mentioned the Celtics as a potential destination for Hayward should the Jazz decide to make a drastic move.

The Jazz hope they have enough time and money for their rebuilding plan to work

Utah has acted boldly before in the face of tough choices, and the bold move at next month's trade deadline would be flipping Hayward or Favors as their values crest. Hood and Burks could absorb most of Hayward's playmaking duty. Dealing Hayward now would act as a hedge against his free agency and perhaps land Utah a top-five pick -- one last shot at finding that elusive superstar. The Jazz have to at least think about calling Boston and Brad Stevens, Hayward's college coach, about a deal sending Hayward to the Celtics for the Nets pick, and maybe another first-rounder if Danny Ainge wields his arsenal with the hyperaggression that had Boston dangling four first-round picks for Justise Winslow.

Boston probably isn't trading the Brooklyn pick without attaching at least top-1 protection, and at that point, Utah has to value the certainty of Hayward's jack-of-all-trades game over the unknown of a non-Ben Simmons prospect.

I have to agree with Lowe's analysis here.  The Jazz wouldn't and shouldn't accept an offer less than the Nets pick and the Celtics really shouldn't move the Nets pick before finding out where it lands in the lottery.  One side or the other could get desperate or both sides could work on getting very creative, but I don't see it happening.

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