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Post your best (or funniest) trade ideas

Feel free to be creative.

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My New Year's resolution is to post more trade ideas.  Not because I think Danny Ainge needs help, and not because I want more clicks, but because it will help generate some good discussion and it will help pass the time as we wait for the next big trade to come (or not).

We've got a little more than a month till the trade deadline and things are finally starting to shake out.  Some teams that were supposed to be good are not doing so great.  Some teams that were not expected to do well are having really good years.  The East is packed together and the West is top heavy.  In another couple weeks, I think you'll see the rumors ramp up and maybe even a few deals will start to happen soon.

So post your best trade ideas.  Post your funniest trade ideas.  Post your worst trade ideas.  Have fun with it.

My hope is to get inspired by you and post an idea or two of my own.  So far I'm not coming up with a lot of reasonable ideas but maybe that's my problem.  I need to get a little more creative and inventive.  It is all just for fun anyway.

Oh, and as a warning/reminder: Respect everyone on this blog.  Remember that we're all just fans here and on the same team (so to speak).  There are constructive ways to give your opinion about someone's trade ideas and there are ways that will make you not welcome around here anymore.  Choose the right way to be.

So post you trade ideas knowing that you won't be shouted down or ridiculed.  Have fun with it.

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