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Celtics could deal frontcourt depth to straighten out rotations

As expected, the Celtics overloaded depth is a concern.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

We said in the offseason that this team would be deep and they are.  We also said that they might have trouble with such a deep rotation and it seems like that might be one of the problems contributing to this recent slide.

More than a few people are wondering if a trade or two could be made to turn some of that depth into a piece that could give this squad some more consistency.

Gary Washburn: Danny Ainge in position to improve Celtics - The Boston Globe

The Celtics are heavy in big men, with Amir Johnson, David Lee, Kelly Olynyk, Jared Sullinger, and Tyler Zeller all fighting for minutes and dealing with bouts of inconsistency. With the Celtics having extra big men as well as a plethora of future draft picks, Ainge has ample assets to dangle for the right piece.

Boston Celtics Report- ESPN

If Boston continues to struggle, there will be increased pressure on the front office to consider making a move to alleviate the big-man logjam. Stevens has pledged to reassess his team's play while noting they've been much to passive lately.

A few losses shouldn't force a team to make drastic moves.  But this team has very little margin for error and that's due in large part to the way the roster has been constructed.  In theory every guy would contribute what they can and Coach Stevens can ride the hot hand.  In practice, there are too many times when several pieces don't work like they should and Stevens is scrambling to find the right combination.

From a big picture perspective it isn't hard to see what Ainge is doing.  He's got assets lined up for a big move, but the move hasn't materialized yet.  It reminds me of a game of Tetris where the pieces are loading up on the left side of the board and there's one thin column of open space that would be perfect for the red piece to slip into.  Sometimes that red piece just doesn't come up until it is too late.

If the team can't land that big prize star at the deadline they'll need a backup plan or two.  My hope is that they'll find a way to parlay some of their frontcourt depth into a shooter or two.  Which is easier said than done since shooting is at an all time premium and small ball is diminishing the value of bigs.

Should be something worth keeping an eye on as the trade deadline approaches.

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