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The Smart plays of the night

If these highlights are what we can expect nightly from Marcus Smart, it's time to feed him some minutes.

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The greatest two-way play-maker the Celtics have is back, and watching him go to work every night is going to be a blessing after missing this for his 18 game absence.

Marcus Smart only had seven points and four rebounds in 23 minutes of action in Monday's win over Brooklyn, but he made the most of it, breaking out some of the most dynamic plays of the night. After two miserable efforts as a team against Los Angeles and in the Saturday Brooklyn game, the team needed to be woken up, and there was Smart making acrobatic layups and diving for rolling balls.

I've never seen anything like that steal at mid-court, and I'm absolutely ready to see Stevens feed this dynamic player more minutes with every passing game.

Here were the two "Smart plays" of the night in Brooklyn.

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