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The Book of Isaiah

Isaiah Thomas is releasing a chapter a day of his new online video series every day until the regular season, check out chapters 1 and 2 here

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Just when you thought you couldn’t get any more excited for the NBA season to begin, Isaiah Thomas goes and releases the Book Of Isaiah, a multi-part video series showcasing his offseason activities and hyping the start of the Celtics season.

You’ve got to love the Little Guy’s passion, as he seems even more pumped for the season’s start than the fans. Based on the heightened expectations of Boston’s fanbase that’s saying something.

After last season, which was filled with highs and lows for IT and the Celtics, Isaiah seems even more dedicated and fired up to prove he can lead a true contender. Fuelled by an emotional early exit from the playoffs, Isaiah has spent the offseason working hard, and he can prove it.

Titled the Book of Isaiah, the episodic odyssey—created by filmmaker T. J. Reganis intended to document all the hard work Isaiah has been doing during the offseason. The project is also hyping his return to real NBA action, with one chapter released each day for the eight days leading up to the regular season.

Part 1 Chapter 1, released on October 19, focuses on Isaiah’s Memorial Day Zeke-end. The footage is a good example of not only the ways in which Isaiah is active in supporting his community but also how he stays basketball-ready by constantly competing. Not content to simply spend the offseason working out, Isaiah is the kind of player who always has to play, even if he has to organise the game himself.

There’s also some adorable footage of Isaiah’s kids trying to chase down a bunny rabbit and a brief appearance from Celtics’ young gun, Terry Rozier.

Eagle-eyed (eared?) observers might also notice a quick cameo from CelticsBlog contributor Jared Weiss at the beginning of the video when Isaiah is asked about the difficulties of dealing with an early exit from the playoffs. Tellingly, Isaiah’s response is “I wish I could have done more...and we will come back next year even stronger.”

For Part 1 Chapter 2, ‘All work is easy work’, we get more of an insight into Isaiah’s workout regimen, and it looks full-on. I think, my favourite piece of footage from chapter 2 is when workout partner and running back Dominique Williams says “I’m about to throw up” and Isaiah responds simply “You probably are.”

But seriously, that workout looks intense, and Isaiah’s trainer, Tim Manson, seems genuinely terrifying. Manson is billed as a performance enhancement and athletic injury prevention specialist, and as you can see he uses some unconventional methods and some hardcore techniques. Nonetheless he seems to practice what he preaches with a body that looks like it was carved from stone—extremely angry stone.

Littered with inspirational quotes and moments, the videos are a great way to gear yourself up for what Isaiah Thomas seems to honestly believe will be his best season yet. Chapter 3 should be released today, with a new chapter coming out every day until the season begins so keep an eye out on Isaiah’s YouTube channel.

The NBA better be ready, because we know Isaiah will be.

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