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2016-17 SWAGs for the Boston Celtics

Silly, Wild, AMAZING, Guesses

NBA: Boston Celtics-Media Day David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

It seems about time to roll out another annual tradition (read: regurgitated trope). Here are some Silly, Wild, Amazing, Guesses for the upcoming season. Feel free to play along and add your own in the comments below.

The Celtics will finish the regular season with the best record in the East!

The Cavaliers check all the boxes for a team that will (kind of) coast through the regular season. They know that they are good enough to beat a lot of teams with their B- effort. They have a star that has a lot of mileage, and he’ll want to take some time off. They won the title and know they can win it again, even without the best record in the East.

The Celtics are the opposite. They have a lot that they want to prove. They are young and deep. They are motivated to gain every advantage they can get for the playoffs. If they can play up to their potential and the Cavs and Raptors stumble just a little, there’s a real chance the Celtics could finish the regular season tops in the East.

The Bulls will implode and trade Jimmy Butler to the Celtics

It seems like the folks in Chicago are caught between building for the future and fielding a competitive team. Rajon Rondo was a reasonable stopgap solution at point guard, and then Wade dropped in their laps. The problem is that the fit doesn’t work, and this team seems like a prime candidate to struggle out of the gate. If things don’t look good, management will likely revisit talks that they had this offseason.

I think that Avery Bradley and the 2018 Nets pick would be a good starting point for discussions on a deal.

The Kings will implode and NOT trade DeMarcus Cousins to the Celtics

The fact that the Kings will implode seems self-evident. I’m sure that there will be many rumors dedicated to the Celtics’ legitimate interest in Boogie. I’ve already started thinking of articles that I’m sure I’ll write once that news starts to trickle out. I’ll argue that the Celtics have the infrastructure and chemistry and accountability to get the most out of a guy like Cousins.

However, I just feel like the asking price will be high (expect a bidding war to start in January), the concerns about his attitude will give the team pause, and there will be another team out there willing to take a gamble on him. I wouldn’t put it past the Suns to roll the dice.

Isaiah Thomas will NOT make the All Star Team

There’s a lot of good guards out there. Last year the guards that joined Isaiah were Dwyane Wade and Kyle Lowry (both voted in), Jimmy Butler, DeMar DeRozan, and John Wall.

Kemba Walker and Kyrie Irving will get a long look at the All-Star team and perhaps Bradley Beal as well.

There’s a good chance that Thomas will become more efficient this season, in part due to the presence of Al Horford and (hopefully) some better shooters around him on offense. There’s also a chance that his “counting” numbers (points per game) could take a dip for the overall good of the team. So in essence, he could have a “better” season and get less appreciation for it nationally. Oh yeah, and he’ll use the “snub” to motivate himself to an even better 2nd half.

Bonus All Star predictions: Al Horford will make the team and Jae Crowder will get some consideration but ultimately be left off.

More quick hit SWAGs:

  1. James Young will win the Celtics a game... by accident.
  2. Gerald Green will lose the Celtics a game... by several accidents.
  3. Gerald Green will also fill in as an injury replacement starter at some point this season and average 17 points per game during that stretch.
  4. Marcus Smart will DRAMATICALLY improve his 3 point shooting! (To 29% - hey, that’s a big step forward)
  5. Jaylen Brown will appear on highlights ...and Shaqtin’ a Fool.
  6. Jordan Mickey will play more than Tyler Zeller.
  7. Jonas Jerebko will play more than both of them combined.
  8. Demetrius Jackson will be an All Star! the D-League.
  9. The Nets will have the worst record in the league.
  10. The Celtics will win the Championship! (Because I want them to)

Ok, your turn. What are your Silly, Wild, Amazing, Guesses?

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