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Rumor: Celtics interested in Omri Casspi

Maybe the Celtics and Kings can work out a deal

NBA: Sacramento Kings at Orlando Magic Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

An Israeli website is reporting that Omri Casspi is unhappy with his situation in Sacramento. Here’s the quote as translated by HoopsHype:

Omri Casspi is very disappointed with his situation in Sacramento and has asked to be moved immediately.

Toronto, Boston and New York have expressed interest in Casspi.

Obviously I can’t vouch for the website since I can’t even read it, but nobody would be surprised by yet another player wanting out of Sacramento.

Rudy Gay has reportedly asked to be traded, Willie Cauley-Stein is reportedly available, and of course everyone seems to be waiting for an inevitable DeMarcus Cousins rumor sometime this season.

It would be interesting to see if the Celtics could make a move to pick up Cauley-Stein (for interior defense and rebounding) and Casspi (for veteran small-forward depth and shooting). I’m not sure what the pricetag on those two would be, but it would at least be worth Danny Ainge’s time to explore it.

Both players have struggled to start this season, but WCS was drafted 6th overall, and Casspi shot over 40% from 3 for each of the last two seasons.

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