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Rumor: Klay Thompson available and Celtics interested

Would the Warriors break up the Splash Brothers?

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Los Angeles Lakers Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

I didn’t see this coming and frankly I’m a little skeptical of it, but I’m reporting it anyway since it comes (apparently) from Brian Scalabrine.

Details of the deal (and audio) can be found on this SBNation post.

The proposed deal would involve the 76ers and send Jae Crowder, Avery Bradley, and the Nets’ 2017 first-round pick to Golden State, with Thompson going to Boston. The Warriors would then move the pick for a young rim protector.

The Warriors would get the interior defender that they are seeking. Crowder and Bradley would replace Klay’s wing defense and provide some outside shooting as well. The Sixers would likely part with Noel and trim their big man rotation. The Celtics would be getting one of the top shooters in the game (and a legit defender as well).

Klay has often been the odd man out in the offense now that Kevin Durant is in town. Still, it would be shocking to see the Warriors break up the Splash Brothers.

Stay tuned to CelticsBlog for more details if they become available.

UPDATE: Didn’t take long for the Warriors to shoot this one down.

Update 2: Looks like Scal himself is distancing himself from this rumor as well.

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