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Draymond Green Calls Out Celtics Fans Booing Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant felt the heat from the Celtics crowd when he was booed throughout the night. He fired back in a dominating performance, but Draymond Green was the one who sounded off post game.

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BOSTON — When the name Kevin Durant echoed through the chambers of the Garden Friday, a chorus of boos bounced back from the stands.

It was no surprise for KD, who handed his final rose to the Golden State Warriors in the Hamptons in July, with the Celtics left waltzing toward the altar. As Boston fans are wont to do, they used one particular finger to greet Durant, who responded with dunk after three after steal after dunk.

Durant said he didn’t care about the boos.

“I’m always motivated to play, so no, I was cool.”

To Draymond Green, the Celtics’ fans boos were embarassing and detrimental. Although the crowd was technically a cacophony of paying ticket holders of varying allegiances — including one person sporting a Warriors shirt and a Lakers keychain sitting in front of this author, who earned himself a section-wide “you’re-a-phony” chant after threatening to fight anyone who challenges him.

“[The fans] must be desperate, like, who can boo a guy for taking an interview?” Green said.

Green sagely noted the negative affect booing a potential lover scorned can have on the franchise.

“I don’t get that. Y’all are booing somebody for interviewing y’all? Man, they may scare free agents away. You don’t want to take an interview and make enemies for taking an interview. I don’t know, they may want to be careful with that.”

But in classic Draymond fashion, he took one last solid jab to the gut.

“If you’re that mad with what somebody else did with their life, you need to evaluate your own life.”

Steph Curry is used to the hate, as the Dubs have been dubbed the league’s villains this year after convening the super friends.

“It was kind of expected. It was weird. It didn’t seem genuine. It was kind of like everybody was expected to boo or whatever, but it didn’t really last too long. That’s kind of the way it’s been over the course of the early part of the season. We go to an arena and obviously everyone knows the story lines from the summer, and that’s their one opportunity to take advantage of it. It is what it is.”

Klay Thompson enjoys a little fuel on the fire, which was apparent with his scorching 28 point performance.

“[Booing] is normal at this point. Boston fans are very passionate, doesn’t matter what sport, they love their Celtics,” Thompson said. “They might’ve felt like he burned them but that’s okay. Like I said, they are passionate. I’m sure KD enjoys it. He is a competitor and we enjoy our one trip here a year.”

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