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Cyber Monday: Post your best trade ideas

Please be kind to other people’s ideas.

NBA: Boston Celtics at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Since it is Cyber Monday let’s have some fun talking about deals.

Head over to the Trade Machine (or your favorite trade site), work out a great deal, and post it in the comments below. Give us the details, explain your reasons, and sell us on the idea.

Feel free to search for door busters or bargain bin deals. Want a Butler or a Boogie? You better be willing to give up the goods to get him. Prefer to run with Rudy Gay or rent a Bogut? Let us know and tell us what you’ll pay.

This should go without saying, but please be kind when you see a deal you don’t like. Name calling and derisive comments like “you must be on drugs” are immature, inconsiderate, and just not welcome here. Feel free to disagree, just do it with respect.

Have fun with this and get your holiday shopping done today!

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