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Al Horford escapes double team with sensational pass

A wall of Tobias Harris and Andre Drummond wasn’t enough to stop Boston’s point-center.

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Boston Celtics Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s a reminder of something we already knew, in the most spectacular manner. Al Horford is an absurdly good passer for a front court player.

When Horford draws these double teams there’s three amazing aspects of his game on display; the ball control, the court vision, and the ability to make excellent passes. Just over 4 minutes of the game, with two monsters in Andre Drummond and Tobias Harris in his face, Horford was able to spot Amir Johnson from a mile away. He frees himself by dribbling to his right, leaping out of bounds as Johnson finally starts striding toward the basket open due to the double team. Horford hits him directly into his chest while practically flying through the air to get himself space.

There are many facets of Horford’s game that are reminiscent of the legendary Kevin Garnett. This in particular continues to shine above them all. I’ve never seen a big man pass as consistently and fluidly out of double teams as Horford does since Garnett consistently did it on the parquet for six seasons.

Welcome back Horford. It’s so much fun to watch this guy do his thing in nearly every aspect of the game of basketball. No media hot take will eliminate that.

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