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Boston Celtics Land Safe After Plane Bomb Threat

The Celtics’ team plane landed safely in Oklahoma City after a series of bomb threats across the nation included their plane.

The Celtics have landed safely in Oklahoma City after a bomb threat was made that involved the team’s chartered plane. The threat appears to be a hoax after a thorough search found no threats, per details from WBZ’s Scott Sullivan.

The Celtics team spokesman told multiple reporters that several staffers on the flight were alerted of the threat during the flight, and the plane made its landing in Oklahoma City. Authorities advised players to leave their belongings on board and conducted a search of the plane. The team was bused to their hotel, and their belongings were then delivered later Saturday.

The incident is currently under investigation by the FBI.

The scene was described by one witness as “nerve-wracking,” “crazy,” and, “certainly not something you anticipate,” according to MassLive’s Jay King.

Jae Crowder posted a video from the scene, but later removed it from his Instagram.

More details to follow.

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