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NBA Trade Rumor: Rockets make Dwight Howard available

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Here we go again.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

We've been over this before, and over 50% of you voted that you did NOT want to trade for Dwight Howard.  So we won't rehash this too much.

However, the new rumor is that the Rockets have started calling teams about Howard.

Sources: Rockets contacting teams about trading Dwight Howard - Yahoo Sports

The Houston Rockets have started contacting teams about trading eight-time All-Star Dwight Howard, league sources told The Vertical. Howard, 30, plans to exercise an opt-out in his contract this summer to become an unrestricted free agent, and uncertainty surrounding the commitment both sides are willing to make has pushed Houston general manager Daryl Morey toward seeking potential trades on the market, league sources said.

That isn't surprising in the least since the Rockets are struggling, and they could use a roster shakeup.

To be fair to Howard, all the reports I've been hearing and reading indicate that he's one of the few on that team that has displayed a good attitude, is giving a good effort, and is playing well on defense.

With that said, I'd much rather hold out for Al Horford if we can manage that. The only way we should consider a Howard deal is for a really low price.

Former GM Bobby Marks proposes the following deal for Boston and Houston.

Houston receives
David Lee
Jonas Jerebko
2016 Boston first-round pick
2016 Dallas first-round pick

Boston receives
Dwight Howard
Montrezl Harrell

Here's what the trade market for Dwight Howard looks like - Yahoo Sports

For the Celtics, the addition of Howard could move them closer to the level of Cleveland and Toronto. Acquiring a player like Howard without moving any of their core pieces would make the Celtics a dangerous out come the spring. The Celtics also would not have to move the unprotected 2016 and 2018 Brooklyn Nets first-round picks or Memphis' future first-rounder. This deal would not hurt the Celtics in the summer if Howard does decide to walk. Boston would have the same cap space if it would have kept Lee and Jerebko, just minus two first-round picks in the mid 20s.

Keep in mind that picks in the 20s can be a mixed bag. The Celtics got Sullinger at 21 but also got Fab Melo at 22 and JaJuan Johnson at 27 (via trade). The jury is still out on R.J. Hunter, who the Celtics got at 28. At some point it would be nice to turn some of those draft assets into a valuable player.

Still, I'm not sure I'm crazy about the idea of Dwight Howard in a Celtics uniform. I'm still infatuated by the idea of Al Horford. But that might not be a viable option if the Hawks don't have a reasonable expectation of what they can get in return. It sounds like they are asking for the moon.

Mannix: Asking price for Al Horford, Jeff Teague is 'borderline ridiculous’

"From everything I’ve been told in the last two or three days, Atlanta’s requests for both  Al Horford and Jeff Teague have been borderline ridiculous," explained Mannix. "The kind of things teams like Boston, or Milwaukee, or Denver simply won’t deal for the players they want.

They are right to ask for a lot, but if they really want to get a realistic deal done, they'll have to come down in price as the deadline approaches. We'll see if they do.

Then we'll see just how seriously Danny will consider Dwight Howard as a Plan B.