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NBA Trade Rumors Roundup: Al Horford, Blake Griffin, Thaddeus Young, Ricky Rubio

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A few rumblings to report.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

We are 3 days away from the NBA trade deadline, and nothing substantial is being reported yet, but there's some buzz and rumblings coming out of the All Star Weekend festivities.

For one thing, at least one source seems to think the Hawks are ready to blow things up.

Paul George’s ‘very upward climb’ rewarded with absurd night | New York Post

Minnesota's youth and depth could lead to a possible trade of point guard Ricky Rubio, whose name surfaced amid the rumors as a possible target for the Pacers, along with Atlanta's Jeff Teague. One league exec claimed the Hawks "are going to break up that team," so Teague, Kyle Korver and Al Horford have been mentioned as candidates to move.

That would be good news for those of us hoping to see Horford in green.

Another big name that could potentially be on the move (though I'll believe it when I see it) is Blake Griffin.

Knicks need PG, Wolves' Ricky Rubio is available for trade - NY Daily News

The Clippers are making Blake Griffin available even though the injured forward is recovering from a second surgical procedure to his right (punching) hand and may not play again this season, especially if he's traded to a team out of the playoff race. Denver, Boston and Atlanta cannot be ruled out but if Griffin remains with the Clippers after Thursday this may be something the Knicks and Carmelo Anthony may want to consider over the summer.

I still think that's much more likely to happen in the summer, but stranger things have happened.

Also noted in the above links is the fact that the Nets (despite not having a GM) are willing to move some of their players. Specifically they are having talks with the Raptors about Thaddeus Young.

And as usual there's a dose of reality from the folks at the Herald.

Celtics bide time in trade market; Isaiah does some recruiting | Boston Herald

The source said that the Celtics, "do not feel that they have to do anything. Sure they’d like to do something. Every team wants to, but first you have to find something that works with a trade partner. "It’s crazy, though – even the (rumors) that have touched on something that was discussed don’t come close to any of the specifics."

So far it seems like the Celtics have been as "quietly aggressive" as advertised. We know they want to make a move and are ready to move, but we don't know many details (if any). So we'll just have to see what happens in the next few days.

And of course that means you'll have to keep visiting CelticsBlog all day every day. But many of you do that anyway, so it all works out.