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David Lee's days in Boston are numbered and Celtics are still looking

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Nothing really surprising this morning ...yet.

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

[Checks watch] Yup, it is 2 days before the trade deadline, so the prevailing news story is that the Celtics are interested in making a trade but will not overpay and don't feel like they need to do anything at this point.  Go back to just about any trade deadline and review the articles a day or two before the deadline and you'll find pretty much the same message - regardless of the outcome a few days later.

Here's the latest buzz from today.

Bulpett: To-do list for Celtics stretch run | Boston Herald

The belief here is that Ainge will be prudent this week. If another club believes it will not be able to keep a star in the fold, he will be there to offer players and picks to soothe the breakup. But with so much in his pocket, Ainge must be careful not to overspend. Surely he is familiar with the golf adage that you cannot win a tournament on Thursday or Friday -- but you can lose one.

Boston Celtics in enviable position regardless of deadline activity - Boston Celtics Blog- ESPN

Just because the players in the locker room like the chemistry and potential of this squad, doesn't mean that Boston shouldn't explore moves. Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge has reaffirmed numerous times that, as currently constituted, the Celtics do not have the talent to compete for a title and it's unclear if they could even make a true charge at winning the East.

So, situation normal.

In totally unsurprising news, it sounds like David Lee's days with the Boston Celtics are numbered, one way or the other.  If the Celtics can't find a trade involving him, he's reportedly going to get the buy-out treatment.

NBA trade deadline buzz: Suns want more than pick for Markieff Morris - Yahoo Sports

Several players almost assuredly who'll get bought out and become free agents if they are not traded this week, leagues sources said, include Boston's David Lee, Denver's JJ Hickson and Brooklyn's Andrea Bargnani.

Celtics under no urgency to deal | Boston Herald

"David Lee was tough for Golden State to move all of last year," the source said. "And it finally came down to him being moved for Gerald Wallace. David Lee has no value. It’s his contract. David Lee’s value comes in if they get one of these big name players."

Currently Lee's only value is that of a trade chip and perhaps his solid locker room presence.  He's better off going elsewhere so it actually helps the team's reputation in the eyes of other players if the Celtics help him get somewhere else - either by trade or buyout.  Every little bit helps when free agents are talking with players that played on the Celtics.

Update: Sounds like the Celtics did make the obligatory call to Doc and the Clippers about Blake Griffin, but no dice.

Bulpett: Celtics eye big picture, big deal | Boston Herald

A Western source confirmed the Celtics were one of a number of teams calling the Clippers to see if Blake Griffin is, indeed, on the menu. But the result of those inquiries has thus far been that, while the Clips are listening, they have no real intention of moving the star forward.