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NBA Trade Deadline: Should the Celtics make an offer on Markieff Morris?


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There aren't a lot of substantial updates to the rumor mill involving the Celtics since yesterday.  Apparently Ainge called the Heat about Winslow (again) and was rebuffed.  The Celtics "recoiled" from the price for Dwight Howard.  Boston is sure to be mentioned in possibilities for a lot of names but one name that I didn't expect to pop up was Markieff Morris.

I'm not sure if this is a rumor or an idea by Mannix, but here's what he had to say.

Chris Mannix: Boston Celtics may target Phoenix Suns' Markieff Morris

"[Interest] in him is going to grow, I think, exponentially as we get close to the trade deadline," Mannix told Felger (skip to 3:35 mark of video above). "Not a sexy name, I grant you, but a guy that can play multiple positions, has been a proven scorer in Phoenix last year (15.3 ppg). Been a bit dysfunctional this year with the Suns because of how he's behaved off the floor . . . [But] Markieff could turn out to be a decent player and a solid bench guy if Boston can get him on the cheap."

This honestly shouldn't surprise me as much as it does (if it is more than an idea). Ainge and Suns GM Ryan McDonough have a strong relationship from working together in the past.  Danny loves getting bargains and Morris is certainly obtainable.  The problem is that he's obtainable for a reason.

Mentally I crossed Morris off the list in my head when Ainge made comments about avoiding locker room distraction type players.  If there's one thing that could derail this season of we-not-me it would be a me-first player.

In addition, the Suns don't seem to be settling for selling low on him.  Via Woj:

Suns general manager Ryan McDonough has been pursuing a package that includes a younger player and a first-round pick, league executives said. The Suns are motivated to honor Morris' desire for a trade - and have no intention of bringing him back next season - but teams are starting to think the Suns could hold onto Morris past the Thursday trade deadline without a deal that brings back a player of value with a first-round pick.

I know that we've got 1st round picks to spare and from a pure talent perspective Morris would be an upgrade on many of our younger players, but I'm not sure I'd be very excited about making a move to bring him in.

Actually, let me be more clear.  I don't want this guy on my team.  Period.

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