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The Smart play of the night: Minnesota edition

He's good for one a game it feels like! Going beyond the box score with special highlights that define the "Celtics Hustle."

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Just over 24 hours after initiating what I thought was the play of the year from the Celtics, here was Marcus Smart again adding to his highlight reel of off-ball accomplishments that can't be rightfully reflected in the box score. After a ridiculous interception on Zach LaVine's pass past mid-court, he took it all the way to the Timberwolves zone for the smooth finish .

In many ways, he is the Celtics Hustle.

So how about we bring back this short feature, the "Smart Play of the Night", because we're good for at least one of these unique hustle plays every single game.

Scal has called him the "the cobra" ever since he jumped on the dog-walking ball earlier in the year. I don't love it, but to be honest I can't think of anything better at the moment, so Scal wins. Enjoy the hustle! And suggest some of your own hot takes on a nickname if you have them in store.

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