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Slam Dunk King and Boston Celtics coach on the side Brad Stevens on his dunk of the year

There's a new slam dunk king in town. And he's a gosh darn menace.

BOSTON – It may go down as the dunk of the century. If you listen closely in the halls of the TD Garden, you can still hear the buzz from the thunderous dunk that took over social media.

But it wasn’t from Aaron Gordon. It wasn’t from Zach LaVine. It was the Human Highlight Reel Brad Stevens.

@celtics Coach Stevens does it all!! He's eyeing a spot on next year's #celticsdunkteam #Celtics #freestyledunking #greenrunsdeep

A video posted by Lucky the Leprechaun (@celticslucky18) on

"I was there rebounding for Brady yesterday for a little bit – Brady’s my 10-year-old -- and [I] slipped down the side of the court and saw they had those trampolines set up and thought it would be fun. So I asked Lucky how to do it." Stevens said.

"I did ask that nobody tape it. Obviously that got lost in translation. It’s proof I need to communicate a little bit better. But luckily the few tries before that didn’t make it on the web, because it wasn’t far as pretty."

With accomplished trampoline dunker Lucky there to witness the slam, Stevens was asked what score he earned.

"Hey it went in. Brady would give me a 10, so I’m in. A dunk for me is pretty unusual. So I enjoyed it."

So has he ever dunked on a regulation hoop…without using performance enhancing devices?

"Not with…not…no. Everybody that’s played says they’ve dunked and they have at some point. But it’s with a flat ball on a 9’5" rim. I’ve done that."

No word yet whether Stevens will enter the 2017 Slam Dunk Contest.

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