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WATCH: Avery Bradley blocks Gordon Hayward to seal the Celtics' win

In a season filled with elite-level plays in crunch-time, this is one we'll remember for a while. So reminiscent of a play from years back.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

After Isaiah Thomas' penetration drive that set up Jae Crowder's go-ahead three-pointer with under 40 seconds to go, Avery Bradley found himself in a situation the Celtics have pressed him with time and time again: getting a key stop on an opposing team's best scorer.

The clock ticked under 30, the Jazz trailed by just two, and Gordon Hayward thought he had Bradley just where he wanted him. He turned around and elevated, but the most ruthless C's perimeter defender in the big moments made one of the plays of the season. He elevated, got a full palm on the ball, and smacked it right back in Hayward's face before running to grab it to clinch Boston's 36th win.

This team has given us so many epic endings over the last two seasons that we can compare the end of this one to the same exact game last year, when the C's battled down the stretch and Tyler Zeller finished underneath out of a timeout to win the game at the buzzer.

Which finish was better? It's efforts like these in the final moments that continue to define the Celtics hustle. Also, throwback to when Bradley did the same thing to Dwyane Wade back in the day.

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