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Durant, Thunder rout Celtics 130 - 109

Perhaps we were a little too welcoming to Kevin Durant.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The Celtics didn't set out to impress Kevin Durant for free agency. They were looking to win the game. Unfortunately, they did neither tonight.

Marcus Smart took on the challenge of guarding Durant and he responded by scoring 7 points in the first minute or so. There was nothing Smart or anyone else could do with the combination of Durant and Russell Westbrook. The Celtics sorely missed Jae Crowder, but I'm not sure if he would have mattered much tonight anyway. The Thunder are just head and shoulders above the Celtics right now and they owe most of it to their two superstars.

OKC also got contributions from Kanter, Ibaka, Foye, and others. In short, the Celtics defense wasn't up to the task and the Thunder took advantage.

On offense the Celtics did attack the paint, and Isaiah Thomas go his points (finished with 29), but they didn't shoot the ball well from 3 (Smart alone was 0-4), and they just couldn't keep pace with the Thunder.

About the only silver lining was an extended look at the kids in garbage time. Jordan Mickey had a few nice buckets including a nifty low-post and-one bucket. Terry Rozier displayed some nifty handles, vision, and a long range bucket. R.J. Hunter hit a 3 pointer.

James Young actually got an extended look in Crowder's absence, but he was pretty unremarkable in his time, missing a few outside shots badly.

This wasn't a great game, and it is the Celtics' 3rd straight loss.  'Nuff said.

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