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Avery Bradley active for the Celtics vs. Suns tonight

He had to get on a plane by himself and meet up with his teammates after being in the hospital, but Bradley will give it a go tonight at 10 p.m. against the Suns.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday Avery Bradley wasn't in Phoenix when his team arrived to begin their five-game West coast trip against the Suns. Amazingly enough, he has rejoined them 24 hours later and is ready to start at shooting guard even after a cross-country flight and an illness that left him in the hospital this week.

We can possibly thank Terry Rozier for this one, who left the game early against the Raptors on Wednesday feeling sick himself. He returned to the game in the second half and may have contributed to Bradley's sickness.

But since this is a team of ruthless warriors who aren't going to be held back by hundreds of miles and debilitating sickness, Bradley is going to power through and play tonight with no minute restrictions according to Brad Stevens.

Stevens gave that indication and further updates on A.B.'s condition while announcing he was active through the Celtics' official website:

"He was pretty sick on Wednesday after the game and all night...went to the hospital Thursday morning, spent Thursday morning to Friday morning in the hospital and got fluids and medicine and everything else and flew in today and is feeling as good as can be."

He also added that Bradley's presence will be an enormous boost, as the Suns will likely be going small without Jon Leuer and Tyson Chandler available. The plan was reportedly to have Marcus Smart start should Bradley be unavailable, but the team will monitor his condition throughout the night, and there shouldn't be any issues. Hat tip to A.B. This was quite the power move.

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