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Isaiah Thomas chases down Chris Paul for the monster block

I.T. will not be held out of the block column by his height!

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Isaiah Thomas entered the game with six blocks on the season and he made sure his seventh was going to shake the basketball world. After he and Chris Paul went back and forth in one of the great guard duels of the season back in February when the Celtics topped the Clippers 139-134, I.T. quickly reminded the Clips' point guard who got the best of the first match-up.

Coming off an in-bounds handoff, Isaiah lost control of the ball as Paul swept in transition with the steal. Thomas got on his horse and sprinted after Paul sending the shot flying into the stands from behind for the C's block of the year.

For a 5'9" guy, Isaiah's numbers in the block column aren't too shabby as seven in 74 games give him a whopping 0.1 per. Among players with 1200 minutes or more this season it puts him in the same league as Rodney Stuckey, Matthew Dellevadova, and Jose Calderon. Joe Johnson (6) can only wish to be on I.T.'s level as a shot-blocker.

Unfortunately not much more went the C's way the rest of the night, as Los Angeles hosed Boston 114-90 sending the C's backwards to the five seed with wins by the Hawks and Heat. Paul had 13 points and 14 assists as Thomas' 23 weren't enough to halt a collapse into the fourth quarter that amounted to what may be the worst loss of the season for Boston. Once again, when I.T. left the floor the offense disappeared. Of course in his absence there was nobody to stuff shots in transition either.

The bad events of late Monday night start and end with the loss either as the C's and Doc Rivers watched Paul Pierce's career flash before their eyes as he went flying through the air and terrifyingly smash down on his bent leg. He rose up grasping his knee and was able to walk off the court to the locker room without returning.

Luckily the court could not handle The Truth and according to the Clippers was only able to sprain his right ankle and give him a knee contusion. It wasn't easy hearing Twitter make wheelchair jokes but when Rivers was cracking them after the game you knew it was finally time to stop holding our breath. He added that Pierce will miss some time but the injury is unlikely to be season-ending.

Block aside, this is a night that the Celtics have to move on from as the lower they all in the east with eight games remaining the harder their first round match-up will be. As of now they'd be playing the Heat with home court in Miami.

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