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Marcus Smart channels inner Rajon Rondo with a fancy drive to the rim

Smart's sensational Wednesday vs. Portland included a highlight drive to the bucket that showcased the playmaking ability on the offensive end he may be capable of attaining over time.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Rajon Rondo who?

That's what Celtics fans should be hoping Marcus Smart prompts them to state in due time, when he finally brings an offensive play-making ability to match his brilliance off the ball. The small signs of hope are there from time to time and they shined brightly on Wednesday night.

In the middle of a performance that helped turn a 10-point deficit into a blowout for the C's; including 15 points, 11 rebounds, three assists, and two steals Smart pulled out a favorite move of the former Boston point man. On the way to his basket he faked the pass to the perimeter with a slick move of the arm that drew the defense out and opened the lane for him.

Just over a year ago Rondo was pulling off the same deceptiveness vs. the Trailblazers at the Garden and luckily for all of you it was right in my C's vine archives from when I was at that game in late 2014.

Yeah, Smart will never quite be Rondo with the playmaking abilities, but let's hope his development at least continues to push him further into our distant memory.

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