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NBA trade rumor: Celtics made Cavs a low-ball offer for Kevin Love

This is my surprised face.

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Yes, another Kevin Love rumor. I'm sorry.

The latest rumor is simply a throw-in comment in a recent article from's Zach Lowe confirming that the Celtics made an offer for Kevin Love at the trade deadline. The only new news, which isn't particularly surprising, is that the offer was of the "low-ball" variety.

The Cavaliers are still trying to figure out who they are

If they lose again, I'd bet big on Love being elsewhere -- a split that might end up the best thing for everyone. Cleveland and Boston had trade talks for Love at the deadline, though they died with Boston offering a low-ball package the Cavs wouldn't consider, according to several league sources. Even if Boston's interest has faded, someone will call Cleveland about Love around the draft. Wiggins has more trade value than Love now, but that deal was the right move at the time.

In other words, while Danny Ainge was perfectly willing to get a great value if the opportunity arose, he wasn't nearly as interested in Kevin Love as some in the media have made him out to be.

In fact, we heard back in the summer (when Love was a free agent) that the Celtics had cooled on him.

According to all sources, Danny Ainge still has affection for Love, but it's not nearly the borderline obsession that was in play last summer.

And from all indications, Love is not seen as a foundational player upon whom to build. Further, sources say his knee issues are bound to have an impact on his basketball longevity and effectiveness.

Danny is always looking for bargains, and he was knocking on every door during the trade deadline season. Clearly he didn't want to put all his firepower into a deal for a guy like Kevin Love, and perhaps he has a good idea that he can land someone even better in the offseason.

If not, well, there's always another round of Kevin Love rumors just around the corner. Like clockwork.

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