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CelticsBlog is 12 years old today

Happy blog birthday everyone.

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

There's no need for a lot of fanfare, but I did want to mention that CelticsBlog is 12 years old today. That's nearly a teenager. All possible because of you fine folks visiting and reading and interacting with the site every day. So my most humble and sincere thanks go out to each of you.

If you feel like reminiscing, feel free to visit the Archives and share links to your favorite stories in the comments below.

Here's a quote from my initial post in 2004.

Trading for a veteran this off-season may be the best bet, but if it costs us young, talented players (like a Jiri Welsh, Marcus Banks, or Kendrick Perkins) then the cost may one day prove to be too high.

Hmmm, just a reminder that young, talented players don't always meet our expectations.

Cheers, and thanks so much for all your support.

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