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VIDEO: Jared Sullinger on his Tom Brady arm after Celtics beat the Knicks

It was just one of two sensational tosses that he heaved across the court that gave the Celtics four of their 30 fast-break points. But Sully's lobs were ridiculously accurate and the Knicks had no desire to chase them down.

As the Knicks were shooting around 50% the entire night in their half-court sets that gave them a solid lead throughout, the Celtics realized during two short stretches realized that New York had no desire to run the floor.

So sprint is what the C's did, all the way to a 30-4 fast-break advantage that was the primary catalyst of their comeback win 105-104 over New York Friday night. The most unexpected candidate was driving some of them too, Jared Sullinger.

Sully of course wasn't sprinting up and down the court ahead of the defense, he was slinging the ball by them with unbelievably precise outlet passes to his teammates off stops.

It was just one of those plays where you say (pause) it and just throw it.

The outlet pass has become a mainstay with Sullinger as his game has continued to reach new heights. Over his last 10 games he's averaging around 10 rebounds per game while he scorches towards restricted free agency this summer. One thing is for sure, that ability to move the ball to the other end from his own has become vital for pushing the pace when the C's want to:

Right when I get the rebound...I turn around and see who's there and those two plays were just (pause) it and just throw it.

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