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The numbers behind Isaiah Thomas' dominant month for the Boston Celtics

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Isaiah Thomas was magical in the month of March for the Boston Celtics, finishing as just one of eight players to score over 25 points per game. Thomas averaged 25.9 points with a 52.2 eFG percentage, meaning he was tremendous in both volume and efficiency. Boston's offense slipped in March, but it certainly wasn't Thomas' fault.

With Thomas on the floor, the Celtics scored 109.8 points per 100 possessions this past month. But when he was on the bench, that number dipped all the way down to 91.8. In other words, the Celtics' offense was as potent as the Thunder with Thomas in the game, but it was even worse than the 76ers when he wasn't.

A significant reason for both Thomas' his impact on the team was his production from three-point land. Thomas' 42.0 three-point percentage was a single-month high for him with Celtics, and it was largely due to his success off the dribble.

Isaiah Thomas 3PT% Increase in March 2016 (SportVU)
3-Point Shot Type March Before March Since 2013
Overall 42.0% 34.0% 35.8%
Catch and Shoot 39.0% 38.8% 39.8%
Off the Dribble 44.7% 29.9% 32.3%

Thomas shot 44.7 percent on three-pointers off the dribble in March, according to SportVU, compared to just 29.9 percent prior. Thomas' off the dribble three-point percentage is just 31.2 on over 500 attempts since 2013, so it's most likely that this stretch is just a hot streak.

But it couldn't have come at a better time for the Celtics. If he can sustain it throughout the playoffs, then it'll provide a significant boost to their chances of making a long run.

We can argue all day about how to define an NBA superstar. But when the Boston Celtics have needed Isaiah Thomas the most, he's come through in exhilarating fashion. What happens to close the season and beyond will only cement his status as a star.

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