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NBA Lottery: The Boston Celtics will select 3rd in the draft

Celtics miss out on the top 2 but don't fall back.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Celtics will be selecting 3rd in the NBA draft.

They had a 31.3% chance at jumping up into the top 2 picks, but they also had a 53.1% chance at falling back from the 3rd pick. So while we missed out on the top two prospects in the draft, at least we didn't drop down to 4th, 5th or even 6th.

Amazingly the picks went in order of the teams' finishes.  The Sixers got number 1 overall (thanks Hinkie) and the Lakers got to keep their pick at number 2.

So let the debating begin. Assuming that Simmons and Ingram are off the board, who is your next favorite prospect?

Dragan Bender? Buddy Hield? Jamal Murray?

Or do you want Danny Ainge to find a trade for the pick?

As always, stay tuned to CelticsBlog for updates and analysis.

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