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Should the Celtics trade the #3 pick? (easier said than done)

Make me an offer.

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The Celtics have the 3rd pick in a two-player draft.

That's an over-simplification and hyperbole wrapped up in a 140-character friendly soundbite, but there's some truth to it.

I'll let our resident draft expert Kevin O'Connor talk me into falling in love with a few players in this draft, but the general consensus is that nobody outside the top two has can't-miss top-tier talent (and even those top two are not on the level of a Durant, LeBron, or Duncan).

A star player could be found at pick No. 3, but it isn't as likely as it would be at Nos. 1 or 2.

So naturally many fans are going to shift their focus to wanting to trade the pick. Given the team's progress in the faster-than-expected rebuild, it makes sense to look for a veteran star player via trade, and the No. 3 pick is still a pretty good chip to dangle—especially to a team that doesn't have the wealth of young players and draft assets that the Celtics have.

Of course that's easier said than done. You still need a dance partner, and now there's more competition at the disco. The Lakers might be happy with picking whomever is left after the Sixers make their pick, but they could also jump into the bidding on whichever stars become available.

There have already been rumblings about the Lakers' interest in Paul George. If the Bulls make Jimmy Butler available, I would imagine the Lakers would come calling there too.

Don't count out the Sixers either. I tend to think they'll keep the No. 1 pick, but they have young players and additional picks and a new GM that is looking to get back to winning. Plus, they know they won't be in the free agent game until they can get respectable again.

It is very hard making trades in the NBA, and deals for stars and superstars are rare. With that said, the Celtics are very motivated to make some moves, and there will be some opportunities out there.

So who would you target in a trade with the No.  3 pick?

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