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Who will the Celtics pick at #3?

I have no idea whatsoever.

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Nobody knows for sure who the Celtics will pick at number 3 in the draft (assuming the keep the pick). But that won’t stop people from making predictions or hinting that they know who the Celtics are leaning towards.

Chad Ford of ESPN Insider

I think the Celtics are leaning toward Dunn or Murray. But if it were me? I'd swing for the fences and grab Bender.

Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders

There is a sense that the Boston Celtics want to trade the third overall pick, but more and more executives believe the Celtics take Kentucky’s Jamal Murray or Cal’s Jaylen Brown if they keep the pick. Washington’s Marquese Chriss could be the dark horse for the Celtics in a bet-on-the-upside move. If the Celtics do not take Brown, its believed Denver and Sacramento are the next two teams extremely high on him as a prospect.

A lot was made of Murray "breaking the record" for most 3 pointers made in the Celtics workout with 79 out of 100. Then it was revealed that the record was just for this year. And then, well, sorry Jamal, but your record didn't last long.

One interesting name that you are not hearing much is Dragan Bender. Though the Celtics have him in for a workout this week and all that could change real quick.

Or perhaps this is all a smokescreen or misdirection for who they really want to pick. On CelticsStuff Live, Jeff Goodman hinted that if Ainge were smart he would be telling one reporter one thing and another something different.

Of course there’s a pretty good chance that the team legitimately hasn’t made up their minds on who they intend to pick. They are probably also really hoping for a trade or two to happen as well - thus taking the decision off their hands.

So, just so we’re clear, the Celtics will definitely be picking Murray, or Brown, or Hield, or Chriss, or Bender, or Dunn, or maybe Ingram or Simmons will slide down, or they’ll trade the pick. Got all that?

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