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Looking back at my own NBA blogger mock draft trades

How’s my GM driving? Call 1-800-BAD-DEAL

Miami Heat v Boston Celtics Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

We have a fun annual tradition at SBNation where we pool the collective resources of our team blog managers to conduct mock drafts. We make the picks for our teams and we even work out trades between "teams." It is always fun and this year is no different (results of the 2016 mock draft to be disclosed tomorrow).

For fun, I thought it would be instructive to look back at some of the picks and deals that I've made in previous mock drafts.

2013 - This one was pretty straightforward. We had the #16 pick and I used it to select Gorgui Dieng. At first blush it isn't a terrible pick, but considering the fact that Giannis Adetokunbo was selected with the next pick in this mock, I’m not feeling all that great about it.

What actually happened? The Celtics traded up to #13 for Kelly Olynyk. Dieng went #21 to the Wolves and the Greek Freak went #15 to the Bucks.

2014 - Oh man did I get creative with trades this year. First, I backed up the truck of future picks and unloaded them onto the Wolves for the rights to Kevin Love. The final haul for the Wolves was as follows: #6 in 2014 (in the mock they selected Aaron Gordon), a 1st in 2015 (ended up being #16 which we used on Rozier), the 2016 Nets pick (yup, the #3 overall pick this year), Kelly Olynyk, Brandon Bass, and the non-guaranteed contract of Kieth Bogans.

Seemed like a good idea at the time. Love was supposed to be the star that we were looking for and you have to pay a lot for stars. Not my fault he fell into a Cavs 3rd fiddle hole.

But I wasn’t done yet! I wanted to surround Love with a solid supporting cast.  So I also traded the #17 pick (later became James Young) and a trade exception and got Arron Afflalo and Omer Asik in return (it was a three-way deal with Houston and Orlando). Remember too that we still had Rondo and Jeff Green at this point.

What actually happened? The Celtics selected Marcus Smart, Terry Rozier, and they still have the Nets 2016 pick.  The Wolves got Andrew Wiggins.

Perhaps Love would have fit a lot better in Boston and the Wolves might have been fairly happy to get so many picks in such a deal.  However, this seems to be a deal that I'm sure both sides are happy never happened.

Neither of the guys from the Houston/Orlando trade have looked particularly good the last couple of years, but hey, they were better than James Young!

2015 - Now here’s where I redeem myself. I traded Kelly Olynyk, #16 (became Rozier), and #33 (became Jordan Mickey) for the #8 pick, which I used to select Kristaps Porzingis.

What actually happened? Porzingis went #4 to the Knicks, and the Pistons ended up with Stanley Johnson at #8. It would have been a shame to not have Jordan Mickey to hype, but I would love to have Porzingis on this team right now.

Also, I think I’m 3 for 3 in trading Kelly Olynyk. Will I do it again in 2016? Stay tuned.

So, how would you rate me as a fake GM? Good enough? Bad? Delete your account?

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