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Celtics select Demetrius Jackson with the 45th pick

It wouldn't be a draft without picking a point guard!

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

I heard it said today that the 45th pick is usually the cut off of meaningful players and the rest are just long shots.  Obviously Isaiah Thomas ended up being an all star after being selected 30th, so you never know.

Demetrius Jackson was being projected in the mid 20's by some mock drafts, so this seems like good value here at 45.

Like Thomas, he's an explosive athlete that uses quickness to penetrate and score.  He needs to work on his outside shooting to take his game to another level.  He's a "gritty on-ball defender" bu his size limits his ability to match up with bigger guards.

Jackson was the best player available and he'll have a chance to prove those that passed on him wrong.

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