Sean Deveney: Ryan Anderson Will Wind Up With Boston Celtics

Sean Deveney was the guest on Celtics Beat with LHR this week. LISTEN HERE for full interview. The entire show was dedicated to free agency as Sean and LHR ran through the Boston Celtics own free agents, Evan Turner, who Sean just reported as firing his agent, Jared Sullinger, and the non-guaranteed contracts of Amir Johnson and Jonas Jerebko. Deveney stated that Turner, Johnson and Jerebko will be back and Sullinger is gone.

But the biggest takeaway was that Deveney stated that he believes that Anderson will wind up in Boston. Danny Ainge has a good relationship with his agent, there is perceived mutual interest on both sides, and even looking at it on face value - Anderson is just too perfect of a fit. Boston would likely have to offer Anderson a big contract, at least 15M bucks and probably a starting role, but Deveney thinks it gets done. He's just the guy Brad Stevens needs and he fills such a big hole on the team with his outside shooting. He scored 17 points mostly off the bench for the New Orleans Pelicans this year.

There's also discussion on an array of other free agents as well. Al Horford will be Boston's #1 target according to Sean, (not including Kevin Durant) and there will probably be an addition to give a back-up wing to Jae Crowder. Someone like Jared Dudley or Matt Barnes.

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