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Legal Sea Foods offers Kevin Durant free crab legs for life if he joins Celtics

Forget Brad Stevens, a young supporting cast, an easier path to the Finals, or years of potentially excellent draft picks via Brooklyn. Legal Sea Foods has thrown Kevin Durant the offer of a lifetime to join the Celtics.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

If you haven't heard by now, everybody wants Kevin Durant in Boston, from Danny Ainge, to Celtics fans, to Brad Stevens. Apparently, we can now add Boston's local seafood chain Legal Sea Foods to that list.

A week after Isaiah Thomas sent out a hastily deleted tweet of a number 35 next to a shamrock and made it clear in a Boston Globe story he'll be pursuing Durant heavily this summer, the "if it isn't fresh it isn't legal" crew got together to make their own pitch to the superstar unrestricted free agent. The company publicized an ad stating "Let's do this, KD" in addition to the two calling cards that should be more than enough to convince anyone to join a team: "17 World Championships and Free Crab Legs."

The offer of unlimited king crab legs at any Legal location that carries them seems random, but CEO Roger Berkowitz apparently did his homework. Back in 2010 Durant did a Twitter Q&A that was compiled together into one comprehensive "Get to know Kevin Durant" article on SB Nation. Among his answers were naming his Washington, D.C. hometown teams as his favorites in the MLB and NFL, strawberry as his favorite ice cream flavor, Jay Z's "The Blueprint" as the best album he's ever bought, and his favorite food? Crab legs.

How many crab legs can a man eat? However much K.D. wants is how much he'll get at Legal, who joins new Patriots defensive lineman Terrance Knighton on the recruiting trail among prominent locals.

Will it be enough to lure Durant? The Celtics themselves will probably have to sell him more on the personnel side, but Berkowitz made it clear that this is an offer that had to be made:

"17 World Championships and endless king crab legs? We think it's time KD takes a closer look at Boston as his next home. Whether we serve them to him steamed or braised, this is our civic responsibility."

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