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Sporting News: Blake Griffin is reportedly a target of the Boston Celtics

Blake Griffin to the C's? The rumor mill continues...

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

In our latest edition of "Who the Celtics are interested in," we have new reports from Sporting News' Sean Deveney that a Blake Griffin to Boston trade may be in the works.

Here's the report, via Deveney:

SN sources: Celtics targeting Blake Griffin, will make major deal soon
The likely target for the Celtics, according to front-office sources, is Clippers forward Blake Griffin. The Clippers have been weighing trading Griffin all season , and the possibility of a three-team package involving Sacramento sending Rudy Gay to the Clippers has emerged.  The Celtics would give up some number of their upcoming draft picks, but opposing front-office members say they don't want to give up either Brooklyn pick Boston can own in the next two years.

We know that the Celtics are still on the hunt for another star, and Griffin could fit that bill. Despite the recent acquisition of Al Horford, Griffin would be able to slide in as the teams starting power forward alongside him-- creating one of the more skilled front courts in the league. Of course, this is still in the speculation stage, and nothing is set in stone.

What the Celtics would have to give up is still unknown, and though no one on the roster is untouchable, losing a guy like Jae Crowder could be costly when LeBron James led team is your biggest competition.

An interesting detail about this proposed deal, per Deveney, was the Clippers angling for Rudy Gay. Though Gay has shown an ability to score the ball, he often has been labeled an unwilling passer who has a negative overall effect on his team. However, he did average 19.5 points per game and shot 38.9% from three against the Clippers, which is usually enough to peak Rivers interest.

Again, this is all speculation, and if one of these teams holds out for a potential BKN pick that Boston is reportedly unwilling to give, then this might never get in motion.

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