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Tom Brady to join Boston Celtics pitch to Free Agent Kevin Durant

Tom Brady was spotted walking with the Celtics' Kevin Durant delegation in the Hamptons Saturday. He joins the Celtics delegation in their pitch to Kevin Durant.

Update: Kevin Durant flew to Boston Friday before joining Tom Brady on a private jet back to the Hamptons for the Celtics meeting, per the New York Daily News. Brady played a crucial role in the Durant pitch as detailed below.

One lucky Snapchatter in the Hamptons for the weekend came across a site to behold Saturday, as he spotted Tom Brady walking with Danny Ainge as well as owner Steve Pagliuca, Kelly Olynyk and Marcus Smart ahead of their meeting with free agent Kevin Durant. The Boston Globe's Adam Himmelsbach reports that Brady is indeed a part of the presentation to Durant

The Celtics are meeting with Durant Saturday evening as they await a decision from Al Horford regarding their reported 4-year max offer. The Hawks are working the league, reportedly looking for a trade partner to take on all-star Paul Millsap in an effort to retain Horford. The Celtics could be in the hunt for Millsap if Horford elects to stay in Atlanta.

Teams occasionally bring in people from outside their organization to participate in marquee free agent presentations. If there is anyone who could help convince Kevin Durant of the value of being a superstar in Boston, Brady would be the top choice. There won't be any problem convincing Durant of Brady's authority on being a legend.

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