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Summer Celtics beat Jazz 89-82

Boston's young guys showing flashes in win over Utah.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The big story going into this game was the absence of Jaylen Brown. It's kind of a bummer given his intriguing debut, but it's obviously better to play it safe with him. Jordan Mickey and R.J. Hunter were also out, so the Celtics were down a few of their more notable prospects. The bright side of this is that the rest of the team had an opportunity to shine.

Terry Rozier was the best player on the court for Boston tonight. The Celtics' backcourt is crowded, so there aren't many spare minutes lying around. But Terry Rozier is doing everything he can this summer to jam his way into the rotation. He's showing up in the ways you'd expect. He was chasing down rebounds and pushing in transition like we saw some of last season.

He fed a nice pass to Bentil on a fast break. He made an excellent, spinning layup in traffic. One of the more encouraging plays was when he drove past his man into the paint, then dished it across the court for an open corner three. He did it again to ice the game as well. With Evan Turner leaving for Portland, the bench could use playmaking like this. His jumpshot is still a work in progress (0-2 from three), but getting into the paint will help make up for that.

At some point in the very near future, age will not save James Young. What will keep him on the squad is a working 3 point shot. He was hot from deep in this game, which is a good sign. For someone known for his shooting, he's never actually shot that well. But he nailed 4/5 threes tonight, including some tough contested ones. It's still frustrating to see him blowing closeouts in summer league, but at least he might be finding his shot. It's a small step, but leading the team with 17 points is still progress.

Yabusele still looks raw, but he was better in this game. He showed some driving ability, and converted some nice looks inside. He's sneaky athletic for his body type, and will be setting some monster picks in the future too.

The game as a whole, like most of the Summer League, wasn't too pretty. Neither team could really shoot, and the Jazz turned the ball over a ton. But we got to see some young prospects on the team step up in a close game. Boston went to Yabusele for some crunch time possessions. He made a nice block, then ran down in transition to finish the play with a layup. He travelled on the next possession, but made up for it with an awesome put-back dunk. The dagger came when James Young hit a three after a nice drive and kick from Rozier. After that, Boston closed it out for the win.

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