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More changes for the Boston Celtics coming up? Danny Ainge "we’re not done"

More changes could be coming for the Celtics.

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Danny Ainge said it last night, and both he and Wyc Grousbeck repeated it today at Al Horford's press conference. They're not done.

So what does that mean? Are there more free agents on their list? Trades on the horizon? We'll have to wait and see.

As for what he's looking for, here's a list from Danny's own mouth.

Danny Ainge: Boston Celtics aren't done making noise this summer - Boston Celtics Blog- ESPN

Asked what he might seek for his team before finalizing roster construction, Ainge said: "We need more shooting. We have some guys who are versatile and can play center and 4 [power forward]. We can use a stronger center, and those are the two biggest things. Maybe another ball-handler as well."

Before the offseason Ainge identified shooting and rim protection as needs. They took care of the rim protection with the Al Horford signing. Now we'll see how they go about adding shooting.

The "stronger center" seems like an interesting need. Marreese Speights just signed a deal with the Clippers, and Festus Ezeli already signed with the Trail Blazers, so perhaps he's thinking trade here? Or perhaps the simpler answer is (as Kevin O'Connor reports could be an option) bringing Colton Iverson into camp. The Celtics still own his draft rights, and he's been developing overseas for the last 2 years.

UpdateWyc elaborated on some trade talks today.

"We were just talking about a trade earlier today where the asking price from the other team was for a difficult player, and I'm not going to say who, but it's dropped pretty significantly since draft night," Grousbeck said Thursday.

That sounds like DeMarcus Cousins to me. Maybe the comment could refer to Jahlil Okafor as well.

The ball-handler might be a hint at someone they are looking to trade for (in part to replace the loss of Evan Turner), or it might be as simple as adding 2nd-round pick Demetrius Jackson to the roster.

In general Danny Ainge likes to speak a lot of words without really saying anything. However, it has been my experience that when he starts naming specific needs and saying things like "we're not done" he's pretty confident that he's got a few things in the works. So stay tuned for whatever is coming next.

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