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Isaiah Thomas married in Seattle

On the court Isaiah has found himself as a Celtic, and now it appears that his life has come full circle off the court as well, or something like that.

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If we can thank Isaiah Thomas for one thing over the past two seasons, his explosiveness and personality that supersedes his 5’9” height has made the Celtics matter nationally once again. In many ways they’ve even bordered on becoming a family. The wins have returned, the coverage has boomed, and even against all odds the best free agents have pondered life on Causeway Street.

Now he’s making August matter too.

Through the power of Instagram the world got an early look at this season’s Celtics and some old friends surrounding the typical center-of-attention at his wedding in Thomas’s beloved Seattle. With his two sons by his side in an unstoppably fresh three-way suit combination, Isaiah married longtime girlfriend Kayla Wallace, who drove across the country from Phoenix to Boston with him and Jaden (pictured left).

Beyond the three grey sport coats and the lovely bride, there was plenty of love around Thomas from various basketball circles, first and foremost the Celtics. In ensuing photos I.T. was joined by R.J. Hunter, Terry Rozier, Amir Johnson, Jordan Mickey, now-Raptor Jared Sullinger, and the man without whom no party would be complete: Jae Crowder.

I ride for my squad Ima champion... Appreciate my guys coming out! #CsUP #SullyStillACelticAtHeart lol

A photo posted by Isaiah Thomas (@isaiahthomas) on

Those shades on Terry are on point, James Young is noticeably absent among the young guys (surprise), and how about those Jordan IVs on Thomas. This crew looks as unstoppable off the court as they do on it. Judging by the way Sully nearly eclipses Crowder, Danny Ainge is probably exhaling that his weight is only a concern north of the border now.

Later, on Crowder’s account, he and Johnson upped their glasses game, and fortunately it looks like Bossman99 and his lady friend are past their Insta-centered drama of last summer.


A photo posted by 99 PROBLEMS (@bossmann99) on

The only other takeaway from this is that it’s a good thing Johnson is coming back because Marcus Smart could learn a thing or two from him when it comes to hairstyle.

The crew

A photo posted by @iamamirjohnson on

Non-Celtics attendees included longtime Thomas friends Jamal Crawford, Jason Terry, and Floyd Mayweather, who hopefully bought I.T. an island or something.

A photo posted by Terry Rozier (@gmb_chum12) on

The Thomases shared a dance, caught on camera by former Celtic Jason Terry. In a way I.T. has tied together the Celtics Green family since his arrival in 2013-14. A pass-through team in Brad Stevens’s first season has become a home for so many thanks in large part to Isaiah, who is, according to his son, “the greatest basketball player.”

The Thomas family is now official. Basketball is on the horizon, and thanks to the best contract in the NBA he’ll be part of the Cs family for the foreseeable future. As a reminder, opening night is only 65 days away.

My life is complete now! #Blessed

A photo posted by Isaiah Thomas (@isaiahthomas) on

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